Design in Progress

During the Dutch Design Week 2013 Lucid, the study association of Industrial Design, will let you experience a design in progress. scroll to continue

Together with the visitors we will make a lighting installation. This lighting installation is made for the ‘Lichtjesroute’ in Eindhoven. A design team will shape the collective design through translating the essence and true meaning of the Lichtjesroute to an interactive object.

The idea is simple: there is a frame where lighting sources can be added to. In one week we will add more than 3000 LED's.

As a visitor you can create the modules that will fit the frame. You can decide how much time you want to spend on crafting the lighting installation.

The modules are controlled seperately creating an amazing performance with light. A process of considering composition, interaction and behavior takes place everyday by the design team consisting of students from Eindhoven while using the input of the visitors.

In the evening the lighting installation will show its true beauty. Everyone is invited to enjoy the installation while there are lectures, drinks and other activities. Click here to read more about the location and the program.